The origin and history of Martial Arts is a controversial issue. One can see signs of martial arts in African, Egyptian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, as well as other cultures.

The first fighting systems on earth probably evolved alongside humans because mankind must have always had a need to defend himself against animals, as well as against his fellow man. Ancient murals and sculptures show fighting poses from Egypt, India and Babylon dating from as far back as 5,000 years ago.

Martial Arts
spacer.gif The martial arts as we know them probably did not evolve until systems of offensive and defensive skills were devised in or imported into China. There, in a country saturated with the spiritual teachings of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, these fighting skills were combined with intangible elements such as compassion, discipline and self-control.

Martial arts are thought to have originated in Africa, India and made their way through China and across the rest of Asia. Folklore recounts mythical creatures called Tengu who practiced martial arts and passed them on to humans.

Founders of martial arts who wanted to give their methods the aura of legitimacy would often claim that the Tengu had taught them the art. Martial Arts Today Legend says that Bodhidharma, the Buddhist monk who brought Zen to China from India, also brought the martial arts. There is a clear path leading from the Southern China regions up to Korea, Okinawa and Japan. The details before that, and the exact details of that transfer, are greatly debated by historians and Martial Artists alike.

Through various periods in history when weapons were outlawed, the martial arts prospered as the only means for a person to defend himself and his family. But even as more civilized times descended upon humanity, the arts survived. They managed to outlive their violent origins primarily because they teach man much more than fighting. The true martial arts stress character development, discipline and respect. Self-defense, physical fitness and competition are some of the other benefits which modern practitioners enjoy. The fact that the martial arts have had a chance to evolve into many different styles has allowed it to endure for so many centuries.


In November of 2005 Master Carl A. Matthews believed that GOD was leading him to found his own christian martial arts academy. The art of Ten-do is blend of the martial arts systems that O-Sensei Matthews have study or trained with. Training with different martial artist in the following systems: Yoshukai, Shotokan,Sho Ko Jitsu, Shorin Ryu and Tae kwon do and Moo Kwon Do - (martial arts way of the hand/fist. O-Sensei Matthews has thirty two year of martial arts training. In 2006 Master Matthews began training under Grandmaster Chris Miller in the art of Sho Ko Jitsu. In 2008 Master Matthews, incorporating the teachings of Grandmaster Miller,Grandmaster Jackson, Master James Booker and Master Ronald Parks, created a martial system, Ten-Do which means “ The Way of Heaven”. With the assistance of Master William McCoy,Sensei Fabian Williams and Sensei Moroco Carter, which came a fews years after the academy opened. The Faith Fighter Martial Arts Academy opened two locations for the Faith Fighters Martial Arts Academy. In early 2008 Master Matthews opened a third school at the Empowerment Temple Youth Development Center which is lead by Master McCoy. As of 2012 ther are five location of the Faith Fighters. The Faith Fighters Martial Arts Academy proudly promotes its philosophy of FAITH, HONOR AND RESPECT. Always remember to Fight by Faith!